SmarDTV Global is part of a larger Group, covering activities from Content Production and Management to in-house designed and developed Secure Devices manufacturing for the global pay-TV industry, with a worldwide footprint. NEOTION, its French sister-company, is delivering for more than 20 years Conditional Access Modules (CAM) embedding top CAS vendors. Both, SmarDTV Global and NEOTION, can claim a leading position on the pay-TV market with millions of devices deployed across extended Europe.

SmarDTV Global and NEOTION started synergies by relying on ELSIL, the other French sister- company, based in Bordeaux, specialized in device programming, marking, taping and reeling, to manufacture their CAM portfolio as ELSIL is benefitting from a deep knowledge and know-how in CAM for years now.


Building Partnerships


Creative Approach


Customer Centric


Business Agility


All members of our management team have collectively acquired years of experience in the consumer electronic domain with a broad operational history in running business. All are talented people benefitting from an extensive background in the worldwide digital pay-TV industry and deep industry knowledge and expertise to grow with and evolve with our customers and the challenges they face.







20 years of senior management experience in Engineering, Operations & COO position.



Chief Operating Officer



30 years of executive & business international position in the digital tv industry (Philips, ST Microelectronics and PACE international).



Chief Financial Officer



15 years experience in leading Finances functions across geographies (US, Europe, MENA & SEA).

Guillaume REILLON

Guillaume REILLON

VP Product & Marketing

Guillaume REILLON

Guillaume REILLON

20 years in managing Product strategy and Innovation for the digital tv industry (Canal+, Philips, PACE).



VP Engineering



25 years experience in driving large projects and developments related to consumer electronic domain.

Olivier HETIER

Olivier HETIER

VP Operations & Supply Chain

Olivier HETIER

Olivier HETIER

20+ years in manufacturing operations, supply and strategic purchasing across TV industry.



Head of Human Resources



20 years in managing Human Resources, acting as a Business Partner for helping on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development.



Head of Legal Affairs



10+ years experience in assisting companies on all their business and legal issues.



Chief Information Officer



25 years in managing Information Technologies and Systems, mostly in industrial multinational companies.


SmarDTV Global is committed to a social and environment responsibility and daily acts in this way, first as a company for its employees and secondly by finding innovative ways to propose smarter but “greener” solutions to the market.


At SmarDTV Global, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is managed at the highest level within the company, formally represented and directly reporting to the CEO, in order to evaluate and approve any initiatives, review progress and make CSR an objective adopted by all. CSR is in place since 2018 with a dedicated resource allocated as Senior Quality Manager, benefitting from broad authority to propose and coordinate CSR policy implementation in the field, with strong support of the Management team.

SmarDTV Global Headquarter

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is founded upon our core values and our commitment to being resilient, innovative and reliable. As we daily strive to solve challenges in our business, we intent to do as well internally in order to improve established practices and get better to act responsibly both on our own and with customers, partners or with other stakeholders.


At SmarDTV Global, to improve performance and ensure sustainability, we introduced an Integrated Management System (Quality, Environmental and Social) encompassing our employees as well as our clients and suppliers.

The company has initiated some policies and guidelines to meet legal and corporate responsibilities and conduct its business and operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
SmarDTV Global rigorously observes international standards and has successfully passed the ISO 9001 certification (Quality) and ISO 14001 certification (Environmental).

SmarDTV Global ISO
CSR 2019 Ecovadis Silver

One key indicator to improve the decision-making process and to act as a reminder of legal obligations in business practices for any company involved in a CSR approach is the EcoVadis CSR Assessment and Rating methodology. In 2019, SmarDTV Global assessed its own capabilities in CSR management system-through its policies, implementation measures and results. On a rating on a 0 to 100 scale, SmarDTV Global reached a scorecard of 55/100.


SmarDTV Global success first depends on its people: their talent, their motivation, their creativity whatever the domains. The knowledge and expertise that every SmarDTV Global employee is crucial in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By pushing efforts on development, environmental awareness, and community involvement of our own employees, we ensure that sustainable business practices are embedded in our organizational culture and included in decision-making.

As we strongly believe that our talent and expertise constitute the foundations of SmarDTV Global, we put a strong priority to provide training and development opportunities to our employees across all our activities in France, Europe and worldwide, in the meantime ensuring that the development of competencies and capabilities are aligned with the company’ strategy. Overall training initiatives offered encompassed 2340 hours over the past 3 years.

Development and Diversity

SmarDTV Global is a French high technology company, evolving in a highly competitive environment as the digital pay-TV industry is. Expand its footprint in Europe and to an international profile becomes key to successfully fight. People who are close to the customers, better understanding local regulations and requirements, acting individually as the final end-user of our product portfolio in the end are the most valuable assets and a business imperative.

With a workforce distribution in France (La Ciotat and Rennes), in Europe (Germany, Italy and UK) and in Asia (China, India and Taiwan), SmarDTV Global business is covering more than 50 countries.

Gender Equality Index, as a tool to measure the progress of gender equality in the EU, is one of the indicators SmarDTV Global keeps focus on. With 74.6 out of 100 points, France ranks third in the EU on the Gender Equality Index, constantly in progress since past years. SmarDTV Global gender equality index is above France score with 79/100.

Gender Equality Index


SmarDTV Global actively contributes to support environmental initiatives internally, acting in the company for employees healthy and safety and locally by sponsoring events or participating into citizenships initiatives, some examples below.

"4 ailes du desert" team sponsorship for the 4L Trophy.

SmarDTV 4l trophy sponsorship

For each battery collected, a donation for rare diseases research.

SmarDTV donation for Telethon

SmarDTV encourages recycling and provides collection points.

SmarDTV encourages recycling


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SmarDTV Global is a great place to work. You’re giving yourself an excellent opportunity to develop a dynamic career in a friendly, international environment where we value your contribution, believe in your potential and are committed to your development. In line with our customer-centric strategy and our commitment to innovation, we know it is our people who make things happen and together we work to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are always looking for talented people. If you think you have the right attitude and skills to become successful in our company, don’t hesitate to submit your application to the following address: careers@smardtv.com

Expert(e) DevOps / DevSecOps F/H


Mission: Au sein d’une équipe de R&D multisite et multiculturelle, dans notre nouveau département IoT, et sous la responsabilité d’un leader technique, vous apportez votre expertise sur l’architecture, les développements et le déploiement côté serveur de nos produits.

  • Vous participez à la définition et à l’évolution de nos offres IoT côté serveur,
  • Vous participez activement à la définition de l’architecture de ces produits innovants,
  • Vous apportez votre expérience dans l’automatisation, l’industrialisation et le déploiement d’applications complexes,
  • Vous prenez en charge les spécifications et les développements associés,
  • Vous prenez en charge les études de performance et de scalabilité horizontale et verticale sur ces systèmes,
  • Vous participez à la mise en place de bonnes pratiques d’intégration continue dans ces domaines,
  • Vous réalisez le codage dans le respect de l’architecture et conformément à la méthodologie de développement imposée,
  • Vous êtes amené(e) à rédiger et à gérer le Plan de Développement Logiciel – Planning, Charges, Hypothèses et Gestion des risques,
  • Vous effectuez un reporting régulier sur l’avancement du projet, vous participez ou animez des réunions (multiculturelles) et rédigez au besoin le compte rendu de réunion,
  • Vous assurez la livraison du projet dans les temps, avec le niveau de qualité et le niveau fonctionnel requis,
  • Vous êtes amené(e) à superviser des développements sous traités à un partenaire et vous vous assurez du respect des délais et des couts ainsi que de la qualité des livrables.
  • Ingénieur(e) de formation, vous justifiez d’une première expérience professionnelle significative en développement et en déploiement de solutions serveur.
  • Vous avez un profil DevOps/DevSecOps.
  • Vous avez une expérience significative sur des projets en environnement de sécurité opérationnelle des infrastructures et vous maîtrisez des architectures et solutions de sécurité tel que firewall, VPN SSL, PKI, IPS, load balancing, solutions DDOS, WAF, reverse proxy, ….
  • Vous avez un intérêt pour le domaine de l’IoT.
  • Vous avez un intérêt pour le domaine de la cybersécurité (OWASP).
  • Vous avez une bonne capacité à travailler en équipe multiculturelle.
  • Vous faites preuve de rigueur et de méthode.
  • Vous bénéficiez d’un bon sens de l’organisation et du management transverse.
  • Vous êtes curieux/se de nature et vous avez envie de participer activement à la définition de nouveaux produits.
  • Vous aimez trouver des solutions créatives et innovantes.
  • Vous avez un niveau d’anglais confirmé.
Vous maîtrisez les domaines suivants:
  • Architecture Microservice, Architecture MultiTenant
  • NGINX/APACHE, load balancer, reverse proxy, cache management, …
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Technos: WebSocket, HTTP2, TLS/DTLS, OAUTH, JWT, ...
  • Technos SGBD (MongoDb, Postgresql, Influxdb)
  • Déploiements cloud (Azure, AWS, ...) et bare metal : terraform, ansible

Head of IoT Engineering F/H


Mission : Directly reporting to the General Manager, you will be responsible for the engineering activities of the EdgeWay Video Edge Platform: technical choices, architecture and software development for the edge and cloud sides. You will manage a team of more than 10 engineers in France and India, reinforcing collaborative and agile way of working. A challenging position that requires management and technical skills in a multi-cultural environment.

Key Areas of Responsability :
  • You are in charge of managing the engineering team in collaboration with the Sales and Product teams.
  • You are the owner of the IoT Engineering budget and you measure the performance of your team, ensuring that the technological resources meet the company's short and long-term needs.
  • You and your team propose technical solutions to meet market needs.
  • You ensure proper technical anticipation in roadmap execution and proper delivery of features and services against the technology roadmap.
  • You and your team are the technical specialists for presales activities (RFP, RFQ).
  • You and your team estimate the engineering costs and time frames of projects execution.
  • You stimulate and encourage technical watch and innovation. You sit on top of technology trends.
  • You ensure that your team uses the most relevant and efficient technologies, tools and methods.
  • You build a strong engineering culture in technical communication with customers, partners and subcontractors, facilitating cross functional and multisite work and interactions across your organization.
  • You take appropriate risks, and proactively evaluate and manage incoming technical debt.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Quality of deliverables and product releases
  • Customer Satisfaction rating
  • Performance and motivation of the team
Profile :
Main Experience Required:
  • Master of Science in Engineering or equivalent
  • 10 years’ work experience in line or functional management of engineering teams
  • Proven experience in IoT or IP Camera or service or data analytics or electronics devices
  • Proven track record in managing with agile methodologies
  • Proven experience in cloud and edge systems
Mandatory Know-how and Skills:
  • Able to provide leadership to a highly technical team, earning their respect whilst ensuring delivery against the defined technology roadmap
  • Leadership to motivate and develop the team
  • Rigour in managing resource plans and budget
  • Knowledgeable in cloud software development and Artificial Intelligence
  • TEducated in the smart-retail and/or smart-city markets
Personal Skills:
  • Effective communicator and issue solver
  • Strong technical curiosity
  • Ability to adapt your communication to technical engineers and to all management layers, demonstrating power of persuasion and assertiveness. Excellent written communication
  • Excellence in execution
  • Occasional business trips are expected
  • Fluent in English and French languages

Sales Development Manager F/H


Mission : Your mission will be to identify and close, in selected IoT verticals with a primary focus on Smart Retail and Smart City, new business such as to accelerate the growth the EdgeWay solution in Europe.

A challenging position requiring strong sales skills, excellent business acumen and an in-depth understanding of Smart Retail and/or Smart City ecosystem challenges.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
  • You are in charge of developing the sales funnel for Edgeway product toward Smart Retail and Smart City in Europe,
  • Aggressive and Smart, you identify, qualify and close on profitable business opportunities by selling on values and assets,
  • You will develop, coordinate and implement a sales plan with an 18 months horizon,
  • You set up and adapt the sales strategy according to the features of the different markets you manage (customer needs, price, promotion, channels),
  • You create intimacy with the customers to contribute and advise him also on commercial partnerships and strategies for the sales and distribution of EdgeWay,
  • You create account strategy together with external and internal stakeholders,
  • You develop and drive a credible and productive long-term relation at various levels,
  • You will ensure product roadmap alignment with customer objectives, in cooperation with product manager and program manager.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Satisfaction rating
  • Market penetration and revenue growth
  • Profitability, GM value contribution with key customer
Key Performance Indicators:

Reporting Relationships: : Direct reporting to the Business Manager.

Key working Relationships: : Working close to the Product Manager and to the Program Manager and all key stakeholders of the Business Unit.

Profile :

Main Experience Required: :

  • Proven track record (+3 years) in inside sales or business development in B2B industry within an international environment,
  • Experience in building and executing a sales strategy.

Necessary Know-how and Skills: :

  • Knowledgeable in the smart-retail and/or smart-city markets,
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent,
  • Sound understanding of IoT, IP cameras, Edge computing and AI,
  • Basic understanding of Finance and Legal,
  • Able to execute in line with the defined process / requirements,

Personal Requirements: :

  • Ability to communicate with all level, demonstrating power of persuasion and assertiveness,
  • Excels in execution,
  • Networking skills,
  • Frequent business trips are expected,
  • Fluent (native) English language skills plus second language an advantage,