SmarDTV Corporation is a human scaled company specialized in designing and developing secure digital devices and solutions to worldwide pay-tv operators with 25+years’ experience in the digital pay-tv industry, bringing SmarDTV Corporation core skills and know-how as a trusted technology partner.

Relying on international and committed teams in extended Europe, Asia and India, SmarDTV Corporation designs, manufactures and delivers Set-top boxes and Dongles and today can claim more than 50 million secure devices deployed across the globe.


  • We are passionate to deliver customer value
  • We move beyond standards and barriers
  • We are problem-solvers
  • We have in-house and real expertise & know-how
  • We are building appropriate partnerships
  • We are flexible in short-decision making process
  • We support them in their challenges
  • We manage foundations to let them focus on business
  • We give them the choice of being sustainable


SmarDTV Corporation is committed to a social and environment responsibility and daily acts in this way, first as a company for its employees and secondly by finding innovative ways to propose smarter but “greener” solutions to the market.


At SmarDTV Corporation, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is founded upon our core values and our commitmen to being a trusted technical partner in the digital TV industry, grow and evolve with our customers with creative approaches and relying on engaged people. As we daily strive to solve challenges in our business, we intent to do as well internally in order to improve established practices and get better to act responsibly both on our own and with customers, partners or with other stakeholders.

SmarDTV Corporation Headquarter


At SmarDTV Corporation, to improve performance and ensure sustainability, we introduced an Integrated Management System (Quality, Environmental and Social) encompassing our employees as well as our clients and suppliers.

The company has initiated some policies and guidelines to meet legal and corporate responsibilities and conduct its business and operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
SmarDTV Corporation rigorously observes international standards and has successfully passed the ISO 9001 certification (Quality) and ISO 14001 certification (Environmental).

SmarDTV Corporation ISO
CSR 2022 Ecovadis Platinum

One key indicator to improve the decision-making process and to act as a reminder of legal obligations in business practices for any company involved in a CSR approach is the EcoVadis CSR Assessment and Rating methodology. We recently reassessed our own capabilities in CSR management system-through its policies, implementation measures and results. We made great progress on each of the four CSR thematic (Environmental, Human Rights & Social, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing), more than expected in such difficult context due to the pandemic situation side effects. We are proud to reach a scorecard of 76/100 enabling us to be awarded with the highest distinction: PLATINUM medal.


SmarDTV Corporation success first depends on its people: their talent, their motivation, their creativity whatever the domains. The knowledge and expertise, that every SmarDTV Corporation employee represents, are crucial in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By pushing efforts on development, environmental awareness, and community involvement of our own employees, we ensure that sustainable business practices are embedded in our organizational culture and included in decision-making.

As we strongly believe that our talent and expertise constitute the foundations of SmarDTV Corporation, we put a strong priority to provide training and development opportunities to our employees across all our activities in France, Europe and worldwide, in the meantime ensuring that the development of competencies and capabilities are aligned with the company’ strategy.

Development and Diversity

SmarDTV Corporation is a French high technology company, evolving in a highly competitive environment as the digital pay-TV industry is. Expand its footprint in Europe and to an international profile becomes key to successfully fight. People who are close to the customers, better understanding local regulations and requirements, acting individually as the final end-user of our product portfolio in the end are the most valuable assets and a business imperative.

With a workforce distribution in France (La Ciotat and Rennes), in Europe (Germany, Italy and UK), in Asia (China and Taiwan) and recently boosted in India, SmarDTV Corporation business is covering more than 50 countries.

Gender Equality Index, as a tool to measure the progress of gender equality in the EU, is one of the indicators SmarDTV Corporation keeps focus on. France is making progress every year to reach in 2021 75 out of 100 points. SmarDTV Corporation is doing better than the national index with a score of 82/100.

Gender Equality Index


Engaging our employees on climate issues means raising awareness among citizens. A good awareness is about acting at home but also goes through the workplace by favouring values and habits in each of us. SmarDTV Corporation has decided to play a role in making its employees aware of the impact on the environment in their daily actions.

The awareness of our employees is continuous through different media and lobbying.

Clean Up Day

As part of the world day to clean up our planet, SmarDTV Corporation in cooperation with Athelia Entreprendre invites its employees to participate in the first waste collection in their activity area with family and colleagues.

Sorting waste by category and in the right bins

In business, the issue of recycling waste is crucial, we are still far from zero waste, but at SmarDTV Corporation, we are convinced that by sorting waste by category and in the right bins, it is now possible to recycle a large part of it and that’s what each employee is committed to do on a daily basis.

Reduced carbon footprint

SmarDTV Corporation signed the code of carpooling for its employees in cooperation with Athelia Entreprendre, intended for employees wishing to find car poolers for their regular journeys. A great way for them to contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint.


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SmarDTV Corporation is a great place to work. You’re giving yourself an excellent opportunity to develop a dynamic career in a friendly, international environment where we value your contribution, believe in your potential and are committed to your development. In line with our customer-centric strategy and our commitment to innovation, we know it is our people who make things happen and together we work to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are always looking for talented people. If you think you have the right attitude and skills to become successful in our company, don’t hesitate to submit your application to the following address: careers@smardtv.com

Our current job offer : Chef Projet Electronique