SmarDTV Global joined Deutsche TV-Plattform

SmarDTV Global, became a new member of Deutsche TV-Plattform

Early 2021, SmarDTV Global, specialized in design and development of reception devices for the digital TV industry, became a new member of Deutsche TV-Plattform.

Deutsche TV-Plattform, an association of 50+ members, including private and public broadcasters, streaming providers, equipment manufacturers, services, and technology providers, globally companies fully involved in digital media, supports the introduction of digital technologies based on open standards.

SmarDTV Global, with 25+ years’ experience in providing digital pay-tv operators, with a strong footprint in extended Europe, and mainly in German countries, offers a large product portfolio from Set-top boxes to Direct-to-tv solutions such as the Conditional Access Modules (CAM) in its first PCMCIA form-factor and more recently the last USB based device generation.

2021 will be key for both Deutsche TV-Plattform and SmarDTV Global, with a strong focus on CI Plus 2.0. One of the key topics of the industry workshop, planned to take place at the end of March, is to explore the prospects for the new standard and to discuss a basic framework for a potential market launch.

"Nowadays, the introduction of new media technologies can often only be discussed in the required depth in an international context. This certainly also applies to CI Plus 2.0. We are very pleased that SmarDTV Global is joining Deutsche TV-Plattform. This highlights the relevance of the topics and the projects we are pushing forward."

Andre Prahl, CEO of Deutsche TV-Plattform

We are delighted to become a member of Deutsche TV-Plattform and to work with stakeholders, specifically in the German region to discuss the introduction of a global standard for pay-TV solutions with CI Plus 2.0. SmarDTV Global already offers this new technology under the name "TV Stick", based on the USB interface."

Jean-Marc Pichard, Head of Sales SmarDTV Global

About SmarDTV Global

SmarDTV Global is a human size company specialized in designing and developing secure digital devices and solutions to worldwide pay-tv operators. 25+years’ experience in the digital pay-tv industry brings SmarDTV Global core skills and know-how as a trusted technology partner. With an international footprint and committed teams in extended Europe and Asia, SmarDTV Global manufactures and delivers Set-top boxes to Direct-to-tv solutions and more recently moved to video at the edge applied to camera driven IoT use cases. SmarDTV Technology is specially focused on Conditional Access Modules (CAM) and USB based TV-Stick. SmarDTV Global today can claim more than 50 million secure devices deployed for 100+ customers and countries across the globe.

SmarDTV MarCom,

About Deutsche TV-Plattform

Deutsche TV-Plattform is an association of over 50 members, including private and public broadcasters, streaming providers, equipment manufacturers, Internet companies, infrastructure operators, service and technology providers, research institutes and universities, federal and state authorities and other companies, associations and institutions involved in digital media. Since its foundation in 1990, the goal of the registered association has been to support the introduction of digital technologies based on open standards.