Erik Gazzoni appointed Chairman at CI Plus LLP for 2021.

SmarDTV Technology, the former NEOTION and affiliate of SmarDTV Global, is honoured to announce the appointment of its collaborator Erik Gazzoni as Chairman of CI Plus LLP for the next one-year mandate from now.

Erik Gazzoni is the thirteenth Chairman of CI Plus LLP since the consortium has been created and today succeeds to Kostov Vlaho from Panasonic. With this nomination, we confirm our active contribution to define new and innovative direct-to-tv solutions for the Pay-Tv industry, which is continuously facing new challenges, even more accelerated by the 2020 pandemic situation.

CI Plus LLP is the Trust Authority for the CIPlus standard, as developed by DVB. CI Plus LLP takes the DVB CI Plus Specifications as input and creates profile specifications (the CI Plus wrappers) stating the subset of the DVB CI Plus Specifications that shall be implemented for making CI Plus LLP compliant devices. The Profile Specifications also includes CI Plus LLP specific Root of Trust details. And above all, CI Plus LLP first commitment is to ensure security and integrity of CI Plus worldwide deployment in the market. Executive members are Samsung, Sony, TPV (Philips), Smit and SmarDTV Technology.

This is an ecosystem that we are working with on a daily basis, with more than 20 years of deep understanding of the different components. Actively contributing, as Chairman at CI Plus LLP, is an obvious focus continuity for us, on the new CI Plus 2.0. growth and adoption across the globe. With this new mandate, I’m committed to do my best to support CI Plus LLP into this direction

Erik Gazzoni, Direct-to-TV Product Line Director.

About SmarDTV Global
SmarDTV Global designs, develops and delivers secure and reliable digital devices and solutions to worldwide pay-TV operators and IoT players. We innovate by co-defining with customers solutions aiming at delivering enriched and evolving TV viewing experiences, in a mix of Broadcast and OTT ecosystems for the best value to monetize.

We became a trusted technology partner to support operators in complex and various environments to seamlessly embrace the ongoing digital video transformation, with a wide range of products and solutions, from Conditional Access Modules (CAM) to Set-Top Boxes.

We naturally expand our portfolio of Video processing solution to the first Video Edge Platform that solves challenges of cameras driven IoT use cases (Smart Cities, Retail, Healthcare and Safety & Security).

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