CI Plus LLP wins landmark legal case against distributor of unauthorised CI Plus devices

CI Plus LLP, the trust authority for the CI Plus security system deployed in over 700 million television devices, has won a major legal victory against Impex-Sat, a company which sold devices that deliberately bypassed CI Plus compliance and robustness rules.
This landmark case is the first of its kind by CI Plus LLP and marks the start of a new campaign to protect the integrity of the CI Plus ecosystem.
The LLP has obtained an Order against Impex-Sat at the High Court in London, which includes provisions that have the effect of requiring Impex-Sat to:

  1. Immediately cease all production and distribution of prohibited devices;
  2. Immediately cease distribution of any software enabling the non-compliant use of CI Plus technology;
  3. Destroy any prohibited devices in its possession or permanently delete any software from those devices enabling non-compliant use of CI Plus;
  4. Update any devices already sold with software that disables the CI Plus functionality, using any lawful means available;
  5. Pay damages of €2 million plus CI Plus LLP’s legal costs.
CI Plus LLP became aware of Impex-Sat’s activities through its programme to monitor the CI Plus ecosystem in co-operation with its partners in the industry. Anti-piracy experts then conducted a forensic examination of Impex Sat’s products which identified various non-compliances, and this evidence enabled it to proceed with legal action against Impex-Sat. This monitoring programme is ongoing.

The CI Plus LLP chairman said “CI Plus LLP is the trust authority for the world’s most widely deployed pay TV security system, and the industry relies on the LLP to defend CI Plus against threats to its integrity. This important milestone demonstrates that CI Plus LLP will vigorously enforce its rules, for the benefit of its licensees, the TV operators that rely on CI Plus for the running of their business, and users who receive pay TV services using a CI Plus device.”

About CI Plus LLP:

CI Plus LLP is a UK Registered Limited Liability Partnership. The members of CI Plus LLP are Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, TP Vision, Neotion and SMiT. CI Plus LLP is the corporate legal entity that is responsible for the CI Plus Trust Authority and, with the assistance of its appointed agent, operates the technology licensing, testing and certificate procurement regimes required to allow market deployment of CI Plus.

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