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We are excited to share with you two white papers that we will unveil at IBC2019.

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STB is dead… Long live the STB!
Do you still believe in the future of STB? We do.

The media entertainment industry, including digital pay television, has been particularly dynamic in recent years and is vigorously disrupting existing practices. Changes in consumption patterns - and not only by Generation Z - are no longer open to doubt: now there is no longer a single, standard way to watch television at home!

The proliferation of media devices (television, tablets, smartphones, consoles) and the diversity of technologies and distribution networks (Broadcast, OTT and IPTV) have all changed the way content is delivered to the end-user. Finally, the big winners are the subscribers, who can watch their preferred content at their convenience on the device of their choice at home, or elsewhere. The reason is quite obvious to all: to take control of the broadcast content in order to increase viewing figures and keep viewers' attention! […/…]

In this White Paper, we will focus on the device that makes it historically possible for viewers to watch their TV programmes on the home screen: the good old Set-Top-Box and we will consider its future.

Download this white paper and discover why STB still have a great future, and how to be part of it!

To CAM, or not to CAM, that is the question.
Looking for an universal Direct-to-TV solution? Think CAM!

During the last decade, changing habits in the way we watch TV has dynamically challenged the pay-tv incumbent players (Satellite and terrestrial, cable and telco operators) and led to the emergence of a new competition from the Internet word. Today, there’s no more single way to watch television (Live, Replay and Catch-up) and moreover on your favorite screen (TV screen or mobile devices).

All these evolutions lead to increasingly segmented ecosystems that are complex to monitor and become one of the major challenges for pay-tv operators. Add the issue of protecting this pay-TV content regardless of the networks (Broadcast or IP) and the consumption patterns of the end user (online or otherwise) and you have the winning prize draw of this everyday conundrum in the industry! We know that, as the US trend confirms, the proliferation of sources, apps or content providers on television leads to losing and exasperating viewers. […/…]

In this White Paper, we will focus on the best and most direct way to address the end user in the light of two key factors: Security and de facto User Experience.

Download this white paper and discover how to solve this Shakespearean dilemma, by simply adding CAM in you reasoning!

IBC 2019 is almost there, join us Hall 5 stand B53.
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You are still wondering how to address this changing pay-TV landscape, which products and solutions, custom or generic, Linux or Android, Broadcast or Hybrid, in stand-alone or with bundle…

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