SmarDTV Global designs, develops and produces innovative cost effective B2B, B2B4C and B2C consumer electronics devices for the connected world of the pay-TV industry.


Using new techniques, materials and innovative design attributes, SmarDTV Global has created a wide-range of pay-TV products that can fit a variety of market needs.


From standalone broadcast transmission STBs to standalone IP boxes as well as hybrid devices that offer features and use-cases par excellence.


Additionally, boxless modules and dongles for direct to TV solutions designed with the consumer in mind.


SmarDTV Global provides a full range of services from design through to off-the-shelf operator and retail Set-Top boxes. We cover all aspects of the market from low-cost entry-level (Broadcast, HbbTV) to fully featured, 4K Ultra HD devices, made to operate on satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV/OTT networks.

SmarDTV Global STBs include solutions from the main security solution providers and are powered by SmarDTV software, by AndroidTV and/or a range of 3rd party solutions.

SmarDTV Global develops also a range of HDMI dongles to bring new services such as OTT to existing devices in the house (Television or Set-Top box).

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SmarDTV Global provides a full range of services from design through to off-the-shelf operator and retail Conditional Access Modules.  

SmarDTV Global develops Conditional Access Modules relying on the DVB CI and CI Plus standards which are plugged directly into the TV Set to decrypt pay-TV services. Pay-TV operators can deliver premium content directly to integrated TV sets through broadcast or broadband IP network.

CI Plus CAM, in combination of an integrated TV set, can cover all aspects of the market from broadcast entry-level to fully featured, 4K Ultra HD devices, without the needs for a Set-Top box.


The operator can replicate the STB user interface on integrated TV Set, using an HbbTV application (HTML based).

SmarCAM product range includes broadcast CAM, Interactive CAM with the use of the TV connectivity. The interface with the TV can be PCMCIA or USB.



SmarDTV Global has the first mover advantage for the most recent range of technologies from Kudelski Group portfolio of NAGRA, Conax and OpenTV Suite.

Further investment in AndroidTV gives SmarDTV Global a very strong-ready product portfolio.



SmarDTV Global is encouraging creativity, innovation and striving to allow you, our customer to differentiate in the market place.

SmarDTV Global has in house industrial design capabilities to support our customers to build up their brand and to bring value to intented audience with simple, nice and sustainable products.

SmarDTV Global

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