• You embrace the digital video transformation.
    We support you to build durable successes.

Audience rapidly shifts from television to digital. Staying relevant in broadcast media is challenging but necessary for long term viability. TV industry must transform Broadcast television to avoid becoming irrelevant. But transforming means to cope with new and complex challenges and choices at each step of the overall ecosystem.

We can help and support pay-TV operators into this transition on a long-term basis.

What we do

We design, develop and deliver secure and reliable devices for the Digital pay-TV industry, enabling content access to consumers on TV screen(s) at home.

We are innovating by co-defining with customers enriched TV viewing experiences and creative features or completely new innovative concepts for the best value to monetize.

We support our customers along all the transitions they must cope with (analog to digital, MPEG2 to MPEG4, SD to HD to Ultra HD video resolution) and the next to come (merging Broadcast and Broadband content and technologies).

Secure & Reliable devices

How we do it

25 years of experience

With 25 years of experience in the digital pay-TV landscape, we successfully deployed 35 millions of devices across the globe.

We have established longstanding partnerships with top key specialists in the overall digital pay-TV ecosystem: SoC, security providers, software, hardware, App creation and manufacturing, acquiring a deep understanding and a real in-house expertise and know-how of complex and constantly evolving ecosystems.

We are able to solve pay-TV operators’ problems by overcoming new technology challenges and handling complex integrations for them in an end-to-end solution.

We are focusing on long-term and sustainable relationships with customers to create together durable successes, keeping-up innovation while minimizing investments.

Customer centric