How to enhance STB-less experience and keep control of your Pay-TV content?

In order to provide secure content with a proper branded service, the legacy solution was/is to provide a dedicated Set-Top Box to customer.

This comes with various drawbacks like Capex, additional wires, power-supply, RCU and complex software development.


But Today there’s another smart way to decrypt secure content by using a tiny hidden piece of hardware together with an HbbTV Operator Application and leveraging the capabilities of Digital TV sets (tuners, codec, resolution etc…).


This provides a complete STB-less experience based on standards and without the hassle of developing a dedicated black box with redundant functions.

The solution is:

  • Cost effective

  • Plug and Play

  • UHD/4K and HDR compliant

  • Hybrid (mixing Broadcast and Broadband)

  • Future proof (USB 2.0 interface)

  • Horizontal and retail market


Let’s come and see us at Broadcast Asia (Suntec-French Pavilion #4H3-10)  from June 18 to 20 where we will demonstrate how a tiny device can decrypt Pay-TV contents, trigger an Operator Application (in partnership with Sofia Digital) on a Smart TV set.