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SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group company, is the international leader for modules enabling the reception of pay television.
We design and manufacture highly secure, interchangeable modules and associated enabling technologies, which provide authorized access to scrambled television services on all screens: Televisions, but also Personal Computers (PC), mobile phones and portable devices.

SmarDTV CAMs (Conditional Access Modules) are used daily by millions of subscribers around the world.

Our products and technologies cover all aspects of the CAM ecosystem, from the various flavors of the CAMs themselves, to the tools, adapters, chips, and software necessary to help partners such as Consumer Electronic device manufacturers and TV operators to successfully enable end-users to enjoy Pay-TV content on all screens.


ISO 9001:2008 certification, delivered by Bureau Veritas Certification. In December 2014, SmarDTV renews its certification and extends the scope of its Quality Management System to all the activities across the value chain. This certificate is the recognition of the maturity and the efficiency of SmarDTV organizational processes. This demonstrates that SmarDTV is committed to deliver high quality and innovative solutions to the Pay TV industry with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

SmarDTV ISO 9001:2008 certificate Download pdf File

REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals): This Regulation is applicable to chemicals elements ("Substances") and their preparations manufactured in EU or being imported into EU. SmarDTV selects with great care the subtances used in its products; click here to access SmarDTV' REACH declaration.